Our office is committed to the loyal, fair, and professional representation of the interests of its clients. The remuneration policy of our office and any other affiliated person (e.g., a sub-agent) adheres to this obligation. No arrangement is made in terms of compensation, sales goals, or otherwise, that could incentivize him or his employees to recommend a specific insurance product to a client, while the insurance distributor could offer another insurance product that better meets the needs of the respective client. In this context, our office has implemented the following remuneration policy:

1. Remuneration

Our office works with fixed and variable compensations. If our office awards variable compensation, our office ensures that:

  • The variable compensation does not undermine the interests of the clients;

  • The variable compensation constitutes a limited part of the total compensation;

  • The variable compensation is not calculated based on the realization of the sale of specific products but based on the entirety of the performance;

  • Qualitative criteria such as compliance with the rules of conduct, the quality of service, and/or customer satisfaction are respected;

If it is found that the interests of the client were not respected, the variable compensation is reclaimed, and necessary measures are taken against the person involved.

2. INCENTIVES (non-monetary benefits)

Our office does not use incentives.


When establishing any commercial objectives, our office considers the following conditions:

  • The commercial objective does not undermine the interests of the clients;

  • The commercial objective is not linked to one specific product or a limited range of products (product of the month is prohibited);

  • The amount awarded for achieving the commercial objective is limited and reasonable;

  • The period considered for the award of commercial objectives is sufficiently long;

  • The commercial objective to be achieved is the result of joint efforts and is not linked to an individual performance.